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Our Educational Values

Our focus in training is built around our training values:

We prefer training in your context or as close to your context as we can. This allows us to provide you with learning opportunities and feedback directly related to your current role.

We believe that different individuals have different needs and that there will always be the need to have some element of our courses and training tailor made for you.

Once off training and development initiatives are not as effective as sustained development over a period of time. While we do offer once of workshops, our preference is to engage with you over a period of time.

Personalizing your learning journey means that we can ensure that you achieve your development goals, and we can help you with making the right training decision for you.

By linking your previous experience and knowledge with your current work context and new knowledge, we ensure that your learning is integrated and impactful.

A key element of successful learning is to reflect during and after learning to ensure that what you have learned becomes part of your actual practice at work. We create opportunities to reflect on learning and discover emergent goals that we can work towards together.

Without evaluation, we cannot be sure what we have learned or how well we have performed certain tasks. All our courses have an evaluative component that allows you to receive feedback and keep track of your learning.

We don’t believe that anyone should be doing a course purely for the sake of a certificate. All our courses are developmental and aimed at making you better at what you do.

Take charge of your career

Thinking of a career change or feeling the need to upgrade your skills? Seize that momentum and take a step in the right direction.

Whether you’re already a passionate educator or an aspiring English teacher, Inspired offers you the step forward that you’re looking for. Kickstart your career and keep your CV internationally competitive with our UK accredited courses.

Trinity College Certification

All of our courses are Trinity College certified and you are guaranteed a qualification that is widely accepted internationally by state and private sector teaching institutions including British Council-accredited organisations in the UK and around the world.

Master Trainers

All of our trainers are fully qualified and offer a lifetime of experience and expertise in the education field. Their goal is not only to equip you with the skills you need to fulfill your potential but also to provide personalized support throughout the program.

Affordable Courses

Inspired offers professional courses at very competitive prices. Coupled with our impeccable support and attention to quality, you couldn't find a better deal anywhere else.



Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Level 5


Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Level 7


Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate

Other Courses

All Trinity College Certified Courses

Current Specials

Current Specials

IATEFL Members and Non-members

We value your continuous professional development beyond our certificated courses. If you are an IATEFL (International Association for Teachers of English as a Foreign Language) member, you can qualify for up to 20% discount on any of our courses. If you are not an IATEFL member, we will pay for a one year IATEFL membership for you to ensure that you have access to webinars and publications beyond your course, and the opportunity to network with other teachers and managers globally.

2022 Relaunch Special

With the relaunch of our website and online courses, we are offering up to 20% and 22 USD discount for early bird pair and group registrations. Get in touch with us about other discounts and special offers on courses

Happy clients

I taught for a few years but felt like I was stagnating career-wise. Gerhard convinced me to do the Trinity CertTESOL and after completing it I found a job where I was able to learn and develop. I then also did the TYLEC with them, and have moved onto a new job where I feel I can continue to develop and learn. Both courses had a huge impact on my classroom practice, but also my confidence and how I view myself as a teacher and educator.
ESL Teacher
I felt very competent as a teacher having done an MA in Applied Linguistics through the University of Reading, and having nearly two decades of teaching experience. I decided to do the Trinity CertTESOL to improve my classroom practice and for professional development. I was initially concerned about how useful it would be considering my experience and qualifications, but the course offered lots of insight into classroom practice and the feedback and support from tutors was tailor made, meaning I got more out of the course than I had hoped for. Highly recommended.
English Professor
I’d been teaching for quite a few years when I took some time off work to take care of my children. I loved being a full time dad, but when the time came to return to teaching, I decided to pursue a proper teaching qualification and enrolled in the Trinity CertTESOL. The course was very well structured, we received lots of actionable feedback and support, and I ended up working for an organization I always wanted to work for because of having the qualification.

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