Who we are

Originally set up as a partner organization for the delivery of training courses, we have branched out into corporate training, leadership training and English courses for adults. We also have a specific organization for children’s courses where we teach English, chess, financial literacy, art, and other subjects to allow children to develop and be inspired to learn.

We deliver certificated training course that are globally recognised, externally moderated, and where relevant, includes teaching practice with real students, assessed by standardized assessors. We also offer bespoke training courses for organizations that have a specific training need for their teachers.

Our Trainers

As an organization that encourages education, development, and success, we expect the same from all our trainers. Our trainers have a minimum of a Cambridge DELTA or Trinity Diploma TESOL for teacher education and a minimum of a master’s degree in a related field for corporate or leadership training. Our trainers also go through ongoing monitoring and development to ensure that they are models for the people they train by ensuring that they continuously learn as well. Our organization has a very robust professional development program that involves all our employees and trainers following the same INSPIRED values.


We inspire continuous learning, development, and success. We believe that by being inspiring we inspire others to success and development that benefits local and international communities.


To provide evidence based educational opportunities to individuals to ensure that they can maximise their potential and opportunities for growth.


We are an inclusive organization that values equality, diversity and inclusion through our actions, our purpose, and our programs.